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BlockchainDriven to Partner with Sterling Consolidated to Integrate Blockchain

In the media recently, on Newswire and The Street, Sterling Consolidated, the leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, announced that it will be building the first decentralized international marketplace (DiMO) for standard o-rings. To assist in the integration of blockchain technology, Sterling Consolidated has partnered with BlockchainDriven, the thought leaders of the blockchain space.

"We consider that BlockchainDriven is the leader in the Blockchain space," said Darren DeRosa, the Company CEO. "Their team will help take our strategic goals and integrate them on the Blockchain, utilizing the latest industry research and technology."

The company has functioned for 40 years but recognizes issues that the blockchain could solve. With many international distributors of o-rings, but only a few suppliers in Asia, there are currently high inventory carrying costs, and long delivery times. By using blockchain the company can reduce both financing and inventory carrying costs, and create better, faster service to their customers.

BlockchainDriven has realized the immense potential of blockchain and smart contract technology within the supply chain industry and are excited to bring Sterling Consolidated's strategy to fruition.



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