Meet the BlockchainDriven senior experts. With over 40 years of combined experience in the blockchain field on our team, we are happy to bring cutting edge solutions to your blockchain or DLT project. We are here to guide you through the stages of blockchain ideation, conception, development and roll out. Make your blockchain idea a reality.

Executive Team

Alex Sheyner

Executive Advisor

Alex has worked with McKinsey as their senior consultant on emerging innovation. He has made his career as an executive advisor and strategist, and has been involved in the blockchain space since its early days. He's worked in several industries including finance, healthcare, transportation, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Jake Caleb

Director of Data Innovation

Jake has been involved in the blockchain space since 2011. His earlier activities have included mining, crypto-securities, market arbitrage, P2SH multi-signature product development, and local community outreach. More recently he has focused his efforts on smart contracts and identity resolution on the blockchain.

Michael Miller

Chief Innovation Officer

Michael is a Certified Supply Chain Professional and has a Risk Management Certification from APICS. He provides executive leadership and strategic planning while pioneering Blockchain Driven's innovation initiatives. He has been in the blockchain field since its inception and is a visionary within the space.

Art Malkov

Chief Digital Officer

With a long track record of successful leadership on complex and varied blockchain projects, Art brings a sense of urgency and clarity to complex decentralized initiatives. He is a central figure in the worldwide blockchain community, and brings with him the technical acumen and foresight to bring blockchain projects from idea to reality.

"The concept of cutting out the middleman in a "sharing economy" model, already begun in the realm of cars and houses by Airbnb and Uber, is extending into financial services and potentially computing. Cryptocurrency becomes a fuel for powering transactions on the network and incentivizes participants, says Peter Borovykh, Blockchain Solution Architect at BlockchainDriven."

 - Forbes

Top Consultants

Peter Borovykh

Blockchain Solution Architect

Peter made his name in finance and became fascinated with the digital applications of blockchain in his field. He is a quant who has created his own groundbreaking algorithmic trading strategies based on quantifying the market sentiment and leveraging the emotion of market participants. He is the author of "Blockchain Applications in Finance".

Morgan Hill

Tokenomics Lead

An expert in blockchain technology who first discovered Bitcoin in 2010, helping to conceptualize one of the first online trading platforms associated with coinFX. Subsequent developments included work on the theoretical framework of a blockchain exchange and order management system.

Nick Walker

Blockchain Project Lead

Nick has been involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for 4 years and currently leads various projects for Blockchain Driven. He also works with in the supply chain and logistics field as a Research Analyst and lends his extensive technical skills to accomplish client projects with analytical rigor and quality.

BlockchainDriven Team


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