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BlockchainDriven 2020 Internship Program

Our Internship Program is Now Closed

BlockchainDriven is an agency specializing in blockchain focused strategy, marketing, consulting, and development services for blockchain, distributed ledger deployment, dApp, fintech and cryptocurrency projects. We aim to aid businesses looking to innovate within their industries through cutting edge tech solutions to bring their vision to life. From ideation, education, concept, strategy, planning, development, and marketing, BlockchainDriven covers the entire range of blockchain consulting needs. BlockchainDriven's work has been featured in Fortune, Business Insider, MSN, CBS, Bloomberg, Bitcoin Insider, and many other media channels.

You will be involved with the new initiative from BlockchainDriven, BlockDriven Academy. ​BlockDriven Academy focuses on blockchain education and gaining skills to help people navigate the blockchain space. Work side by side with blockchain experts on an innovative way to educate people about the blockchain industry. You get an opportunity to help build this platform into a leader in the blockchain education space. 

We have welcomed new talents into our agency through our Internship Program for 2020, welcoming those who are looking to learn, grow and make an impact in the blockchain ecosystem while learning from industry experts and thought leaders.

​​Please note that due to high demand for internship and career opportunities, it might take us up to 24 hours to get back to those who wish to join the BlockchainDriven team. To apply, email us through our application form below


This is a remote position. Intersnship is credit only
Time per week: 10-15 hours


  • Self-Motivated

  • Creative and wanting to help build great brands

  • Passionate about emerging technology

  • Able to commit 10-15 hours per week until early September. 

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Community Development and Outreach

Community Development and Outreach interns will be responsible for building, engaging and overseeing the BlockDriven community, outreach to potential speakers and educating the world about BlockDriven offerings. They will be in charge of maintaining academy message boards, prompting group discussions as well as working to grow the community across various platforms, forums, etc. You will also help run events, moderate speaking sessions and much more.


  • Building and engaging BlockDriven Academy community

  • Working with speakers to align webinar time and session topics

  • Grow community through various channels

  • Outreach about upcoming sessions to Reddit, Medium and other places

  • Outreach and setting up interviews with speakers from blockchain and crypto space

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News and Career Analyst

News/Career Analyst interns will be expected to collect, organize, and compile information and data. Must be able to translate key information into laymen's terms for other members of the team to understand. Prior understanding of blockchain and financial systems is greatly beneficial for this position.


  • Follow blockchain news 

  • Compile weekly blockchain news letter with most important news 

  • Put together documents, reports, and articles from research points.

  • Analyze data and prepare summaries for other teams.

  • Collaborate with other teams and translate data into understandable terms.


  • Familiarity with blockchain / crypto space 

Content Editor 

The content editor intern will be responsible for editing blogs and articles for the BlockDriven Academy blog, speaker announcements and any other editing needs. Might involve occasional writing. You will be leading a the voice of BlockDriven Academy to narrate unique and relevant content for the community. Must have writing and editing experience. 


  • Edit articles for blog

  • Edit promotional materials for the speakers

  • Website editing

  • Managing writer/writers who create blog posts

  • Implement content ideation, direction and strategy

  • Creative thinking 

  • Ability to coordinate with other team

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Graphic & Marketing Material Designer


The Design intern will work in creating and maintaining our BlockDriven website in addition to designing marketing graphics and materials for events and promotion. These designs will be the face of the company and have a strong focus on future facing technology, education, and conversion. You'll be creating the visual representation of blockchain and what it means. In this role you’ll be working both independently and alongside other teams to accomplish our aims. Be prepared, be flexible and take on additional responsibilities as required.



  • Create design updates for BlockDriven Academy website and online banners, speakers and visual design.

  • Think outside the box to create psychologically impactful designs with a clear message in mind.

  • Collaborate with various teams to define marketing and communication visuals to support the BlockDriven Academy brand direction and increase audience reach and engagement.

  • Ideate unique ways to visually represent complex ideas and information.


  • Share a portfolio

  • Must be experienced with Photoshop and Illustrator

  • Experience designing banners, brochures, and infographics a plus

  • Understanding of visual psychology, impact and direction

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Internship Application

Application for the BlockchainDriven 2020 Internship Program.

Under Qualifications & Experience please also include the following information:

  • Your interest in blockchain

  • Your skill set and background

  • Why you would be a good fit for BlockchainDriven

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