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BlockchainDriven in the Spotlight: Fintech World's 4th Annual Crypto World Summit 2020

New York City was buzzing with excitement as Fintech World's 4th Annual Crypto World Summit 2020, took over the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square on February 20th. With panels and round table discussions covering all things future blockchain, the conference brought together leading industry experts of the digital field, including BlockchainDriven’s Senior Blockchain Architect, Peter Borovykh as a keynote speaker.

“Capital raising via STO is a great way for founders to get access to accredited investors. Two main advantages of a digital token offering are liquidity and transparency. It is also often times significantly less expensive to raise funds via STO compared to traditional routes.” - Peter Borovykh

The event was filled with energy discussing topics that included "Rise of Digital Money," "The Revolution of Tokenization," "Securitization of Liquid Assets," "Bitcoin Fraud or Future?," "Media, Entertainment and Blockchain,”''Blockchain & Real Estate" and "STO’s Securities Token Offering," with the overall consensus being that now is the time to explore and take advantage of the crypto space as it’s only going to expand.

On a panel discussing “The Next Big Wave of Digital Assets Investment," where experts compared investing in crypto versus stock, it was clear that the future continues to point to crypto. It was also made clear that the development of digital space has been and will continue to grow. “Digital innovation in financial markets is on the way. You are the part of the digital revolution, and it is up to you to make a step forward or stay still.” said Peter Borovykh. “At BlockchainDriven, we’ve helped blockchain companies stay ahead of the curve by integrating latest blockchain solutions. We are blockchain agnostic, our objective is to bring value to clients operations.”

Have an interesting blockchain concept or idea? Or want to learn more on how to dive deeper into blockchain? Talk to the BlockchainDriven team!



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