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BlockchainDriven Launched BlockDriven Academy to Further Education on Blockchain

BlockchainDriven team is excited to announce the launch of its BlockDriven Academy, a blockchain learning platform to both educate on blockchain technology and prepare learners for a job in the field. After many years of education companies, business and individuals, we decided to streamline the education aspect of accessing blockchain space knowhow. With the blockchain market continuing to thrive, interest has been gaining on how to break into the industry and what a better way than to learn from industry experts.

Taught by Senior Blockchain Architect, Peter Borovykh; Chief Marketing Officer, Art Malkov; Tokenization Lead, Morgan Hill; and Harrsion Wright of the Blockchain Recruiter; the seven week intensive course breaks down all the components of blockchain from history to architecture, through live, hands on, interactive sessions with experts allowing for full immsersion and feedback.

Starting off with the essentials of blockchain technology, students will learn the background, process and significance of blockchain. A deeper dive into the uses of blockchain technology (smart contracts, architecture, tokenization, etc) will include a look into past BlockchainDriven projects to help illustrate the architecture of blockchain. By the end of the course students will deploy their own custom blockchain and be certified by BlockchainDriven .



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