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BlockchainDriven Leads RoninAI: Most Accurated Predictive AI Technologies

Blockchain technology has been coming into maturity as more major companies come to rely on its capabilities around the world. Already corporations such as Walmart, FedEx, Nestle, among others are improving their business and the quality of consumer goods through blockchain implementation.

Great strides have been made in the worlds of fintech and blockchain recently, as BlockchainDriven's own Solutions Architect, Peter Borovykh, heads the Market Research and Algorithmic Strategy teams with RoninAI. The RoninAI team have perfected a method of predicting highly volatile market fluctuations beyond market data alone. They've combined multiple Times Series and LSTM neural networks to process additional inputs that have created more accurate results than any other finance technology available.

These types of blockchain technology are coming to fruition in every industry, through ingenious research and development teams such as Peter Borovykh's. Many are by larger enterprises, though well funded projects are making their splash too. The BlockchainDriven team specializes in the creation of successful long term business plans in the creation and utilization of these technologies.



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