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4 Best Consultancy and Development Companies for Blockchain Projects

With the realization of ambitious projects and the growth of focused companies around the world, blockchain is no longer just a technology; it’s a full-blown industry. As an industry, blockchain has big success stories, small ideas coming to fruition, and companies that have proven track records.

We are entering a time when successful projects are looking to explore blockchain, but don’t know where to start. We have looked over the landscape of development and consulting, and BlockchainDriven, Consensys, R3 and IBM are beginning to set themselves apart as consistent performers.

Here are the four best blockchain companies that stand out from the pack:


BlockchainDriven is a global blockchain consultancy and development firm. All they do is consult and develop blockchain projects, so their track record is very impressive. Unlike many other blockchain consultancy and development companies, BlockchainDriven does not limit the projects they take on to certain industries or focuses, which allows them to be agile and flexible with their clients.

They also have a track record of only taking on projects that they see potential in, so their success rate is very high when it comes to development and execution on technology. They, as a team, decide if every inquiry they receive has potential or not, meaning that any project or company that has worked with BlockchainDriven is something that the team believed in. If you have any sort of blockchain project, big or small, BlockchainDriven has the experience and know-how to make it a reality.

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