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HackerNoon Asks BlockchainDriven

July 31st 2018

Mid sized companies have consistently asked us how to get started on their blockchain projects, and as we told HackerNoon writers, the beginning sees the same consistent steps taken. Education, understanding the technology, the industry, asking yourself if blockchain is necessary to the project.

Executive decision makers in particular need to be asking themselves these tough questions and employing those who understand the blockchain space better. Who needs your project? What are the benefits? Will it really impact or disrupt your given industry?

Having a well rounded team of experts such as those here at BlockchainDriven makes all the difference, especially as we've worked with numerous industries and understand solution architecture from both a strategic and development standpoint. Without the fundamentals down, it doesn't matter how good your technical team is. Having both a solid internal and external team will make or break the project.

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