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BlockchainDriven Makes Top 3 Leading Agencies List Again

As a thriving industry, blockchain has reached the point where theory has to be put into practice, and use cases have to be seen to separate the major players from the pretenders. Some of these companies have been very successful in doing this, but others have yet to prove themselves. We will focus on the companies and projects that have been making waves in the blockchain industry. Here are some of the most successful blockchain development companies and what they’re working on:


BlockchainDriven is a real blockchain success story. It was founded by a group of successful blockchain experts to serve the consulting and development needs of promising projects across the world. Since its founding, BlockchainDriven has worked on many successful blockchain projects and have developed an excellent track record of professionalism, work ethic, and creativity. They seem to have a real ability to pick out successful projects from the crowd.

One of their most recent projects was aiming to disrupt the recruiting industry. A rather slow-moving industry with a lot of money being passed around, recruiting was ripe for disruption. BlockchainDriven took this idea from a concept to a fully-fledged project ready to dominate the industry.

Their consulting work touched nearly every part of the project. They designed the tokenomics of the project, outlined the architecture of the blockchain, and composed a roadmap for the project. All in all, BlockchainDriven took this project from a zero to a hero. They also have significant experience in blockchain logistics. As covered by Yahoo Finance, they were trusted by Saint-Gobain, one of the largest companies in the world, with $41 billion in revenue per year, to introduce blockchain thought leadership to the industry. Saint-Gobain is known as an innovator in their field, and BlockchainDriven fits into this mold.

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