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BlockchainDriven in the Media: Blockchain Experts Weigh In

Blockchain event, "Bringing Your Company on Blockchain", was held on November 2nd at the eBay NYC. Featured on the event's panel were Nicholas Walker, BlockchainDriven consultancy's Project Lead, Michael Yuan, Chief Scientist at Cyber Miles, and Morgan Hill, Managing Partner for AxionV crypto hedge fund and advisor for BlockchainDriven. The event was covered by The Ink NYC.

At the New York City event, the veil was lifted on what blockchain is, how it is affecting industries, and why it is applicable for so much more than cryptocurrencies and ICO's.

“Blockchain has applications across industries that have nothing to do with Bitcoin,” said Walker, who also collaborates with the Blockchain Research Institute, a Toronto-based think-tank that researches blockchain technology and its strategic implications." Companies need to start thinking about ways in which they can utilize blockchain if they don’t want to get left behind. “The question is how fast will the future arrive,” he said. “You should have started thinking about it yesterday.”

- Taryana Odayar, The Ink NYC Journalist

The sold out event brought in companies of all types interested in learning more about blockchain and how they could begin to incorporate the technology in their own industries.

Read more about the event on The Ink NYC.

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