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BlockchainDriven in the News: HuffPost feature of Business on Blockchain

Updated: Apr 16, 2018

In New York City a sold out blockchain event titled "Bringing Your Company On Blockchain" was held on November 2nd and hosted by eBay NYC and BlockchainDriven, a clockchain integration consultancy. The event was featured in Huffington Post and showcased an expert panel consisting of Nicholas Walker, Project Lead for BlockchainDriven, Michael Yuan, Chief Scientist at Cyber Miles, and Morgan Hill, Managing Partner at AxionV Crypto Hedge Fund and advisor for BlockchainDriven.

Catch all the details on the full HuffPost article here.

Here's a snippet of what was covered:

"At this event I ran into people from AIG, McKinsey, Wells Fargo, and the City Of New York—as well as from medium sized and even small sized businesses in a variety of fields. Retail, manufacturing, consulting, advertising, law, startups, banking—the list goes on. All were very inquisitive about the nature and direction of blockchain tech in not just New York, but in general as well. The wide range in size, age, and direction of the companies there was incredible to behold."
  • Blockchain tech is still early and evolving, but unlike other fields (VR, AI, 3D printing), it can be applied to almost any business, permeating the smallest and the biggest companies in way of operations, accounting, tracking, staffing, payments and much more, replacing existing structures and creating greater efficiencies for existing workflows and processes.

  • While blockchain has enormous applicability, the technology is not for every business. Many solutions can be solved with more conventional methods. Companies must to their due diligence before starting to build in blockchain tech with their existing workflows, processes, and offerings. Yet blockchain in various forms of distributed ledger solutions is here to stay. It offers superior solutions to trust and security.

The prevailing advice from all 3 speakers was unanimous: if your business is thinking of adopting blockchain, your business needs to start now. Whether through educating your team, assigning new blockchain-focused roles internally or searching for new talent to do so, or appointing a core person internally explore possible solutions on a deep level, companies should work with consultants already in the space and start exploring possibilities. Start thinking of how you can utilize blockchain, and apportion your use cases accordingly. Experts in the field can save you a lot of wasted time: going in blindly is not an option. Given the complexity of the field, finding a great consultant and allocating a research budget is key. It doesn’t have to be big, but start thinking of potential uses now.

- Caleb Simmons, Huffington Post Contributor

Catch all the details on the full HuffPost article here.



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