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BlockchainDriven Turns HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Internet Fiction Into Reality

Peter Borovykh, Solution Architect for BlockchainDriven, was recently interviewed and featured in Forbes where he shared his insights in the future of data, computing, blockchain networks, and what's coming next.

The article highlights the fictional startup Pied Piper making internet hosting possible on people's smartphones, a reality that isn't so far off thanks to blockchain.

The idea effectively cuts out the need for servers in huge data centers run by Amazon, Alphabet’s Google and Microsoft, in what’s become known as cloud computing.

BlockchainDriven consultants build creative applications and uses of blockchain technology, and disrupting third party cloud servers is no exception. The vision is to build an faster, safer, cheaper or free, peer-to-peer internet network that will effectively cut out the need for consumers to go through expensive third parties for their hosting needs.

As an alternative to cloud computing, it would use available computer capacity more efficiently, keep sensitive data secure, and democratize computing power by making "self-hosting" possible.

The concept of cutting out the middleman in a "sharing economy" model, already began in the realm of cars and houses by Airbnb and Uber, is extending into financial services and potentially computing, Borovykh explains to Forbes interviewer. Blockchain has the capability to cut middlemen across all sectors, internet hosting included.

Everyone in the network is compensated for being in the network - something that would not have been as feasible before cryptocurrencies, says Peter Borovykh.

Early adopters may buy tokens which can pay for hosting on the network but do not confer ownership rights like equity. Under this model “computing power becomes an asset” that can be monetized and shared, he added.

Forbes concluded stating that dreams of ubiquitous free or cheap computing are leading to utopian visions of unhackable net neutrality and the demise of all middlemen. Only time will tell whether Silicon Valley fiction can become reality. Consultants at BlockchainDriven lend their expertise towards actualizing these ambitious goals bringing us closer to a more free and secure internet for consumers.



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