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Future of Blockchain [What Awaits Us in 2018]

Peter Borovykh, blockchain expert and the Solutions Architect for BlockchainDriven, was recently featured as a panelist for a blockchain event that was covered on Silicon NYC. The panel included Kevin Chan of IOTA, Jack Spallone, of Consensys and Ujo Music, and Momoe Amano, head of blockchain innovation for MUFG, Japan's largest bank.

The event itself focused on the future of blockchain highlighting the major innovators and thought leaders of the rapidly growing tech space.

"Every company at this stage should be examining opportunities on Blockchain technology, educating your team and watching the competition. Right now, we are at the crossroads that can enable a breakthrough in any industry." - Peter Borovykh

In this capacity Peter was sought after given his understanding of the blockchain ecosystem in relation to several major industries including finance, supply chain, healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation and more. He has been featured on Fortune, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Inside Bitcoins, plus more.

"From understanding blockchain applications and use cases, to full development, Peter’s expertise really hit home with the audience, showing them how blockchain has been utilized and where progress is heading." - Silicon NYC

Having spoken for several events and global conferences including Blockchain on Wall St, Peter is experienced at not only explaining the complexities of blockchain, but applying them towards future use and creatively ideating new solutions and usage of the groundbreaking technology.

Is your company exploring blockchain? BlockchainDriven can assist you in ideation and innovation HERE.



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