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Future of Blockchain Tech: Applications in Finance Event

Blockchain and Hyperledger could be the key to the future, but what is that future? This event featured key players in the tech and finance sectors who talked about how blockchain is disrupting and affecting the biggest global industry with far reaching affects.

What does the future of finance look like? What’s coming next? How will the finance and banking industries and the world beyond be affected? Are we ready?

We brought together a panel of blockchain innovators, trailblazers and gurus to take you on a journey to the next frontier of technology. Key speaker of the panel was Peter Borovykh, blockchain consultant with BlockchainDriven and author of Blockchain: Applications in Finance who has been featured on Forbes, Business Insider, BTC Manager, and more. All attendees got a free copy of Peter's groundbreaking book.

Other speakers included Solomon Lederer, founder of Coinspace and co-founder of Blockmatics, a blockchain expert and engineer who's been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Coin Desk, Bitcoin Magazine and more.

Kirill Gourov has been an innovator in the Blockchain space since its early years. As part of Blockchain Driven, he directs startups and financial institutions on blockchain technology and future proofing the financial services value chain. He is an author of a number of white papers on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Previously  he was Director of Finance in the Blockchain Technology Group.

Over 150 people attended this eye opening event and learned the ins and outs of blockchain, why it's a game changer, how it affects finance, and got in on incredible networking opportunities.



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