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Incredible Potential Being Realized: Blockchain Experts Inspire the Public

On July 27, in the heart of New York City’s financial district, BlockchainDriven hosted an exciting event showcasing the Blockchain’s impact on midsize companies. The event was covered by a number of publications including Fortune, Business Insider, and BTC Manager.

Panel members included an IT Application Manager at L’Oreal, who is revolutionizing the supply chain using Blockchain technology, a Vice President at MUFG Union Bank who is focusing on bringing the Blockchain to banking, an expert in Blockchain Cyber Security, and a hedge fund manager who specializes in Blockchain Consulting at BlockchainDriven.

The experienced panel discussed how the blockchain technology is affecting different industries such as supply chain, finance, health, government, security, even voting. While the four speakers each had their own amazing points, the consensus was that mid sized companies are in a unique position where they have they funds and efficiency to quickly adopt blockchain technology to become innovators in their respective fields.

The promise of blockchain is undeniable, but it's up to innovators to bring it to life and mid sized companies are best poised to do just that.

All in all it was a fantastic event with an experienced panel of global figures. The networking alone was of incredible value with over 200 attendees in varying fields incorporating blockchain into their businesses.

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