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BlockchainDriven Expertise Highlighted by Bitcoinist

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

June 11th 2018

A recent article by Bitcoinist referenced BlockchainDriven's insights in what is happening within blockchain implementation. The expertise we provided detailed why so many blockchain projects that are actively in use fall into supply chain and logistics.

The reasoning behind it was an indepth analysis of blockchains currently active, in addition to the consultancy's experience within different industries. The conclusion was that logistics and supply chain corporations move out quickly once executives understand the technology and its benefits, which suit the industry perfectly.

There's a lot of talk about the value and potential of blockchain technology, and not enough on the actual implementations being used. The Bitcoinist article sheds light on the topic, aligning with BlockchainDriven's findings. Blockchain in supply chain makes economic sense and has simple uses cases which are easy to implement with the correct architecture, horizontal, in place.

While many of the active blockchains in use are from major corporations, smaller companies can benefit from the blockchain as well reducing loss, increasing accountability, streamlining the process, and gaining the trust of clientele for increased volume of transactions.



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