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BlockchainDriven Projects Trailblazing the Future

BlockhainDriven pushing the envelope of what is possible on blockchain.

With the recent project BlockchainDriven was guiding and consulting for Sterling Consolidated, they were getting ready to announce groundbreaking cryptodividend on regular stocks, a first of its kind. From the project's initiation to ideation, to development of smart contracts to launch, BlockchainDriven experts guided the Sterling Consolidated in the process every step of the way, allowing them to capture and maximize the latest of blockchain technology.

"Sterling Consolidated Corp, a leading supplier of hydraulic and pneumatic seals to the automotive and industrial marketplace, today declared a cryptodividend for a U.S. public company."

Unlocking the full potential of blockchain with their project guided from ideation to token launch, Sterling Consolidated is able to innovate ahead of their field. BlockchainDriven experts enabled the success of this unique use case, navigating them through the complex maze from inception to the product at hand using blockchain technology in new and original ways.

"Sterling has continued its successful partnership with expert Blockchain tech agency, BlockchainDriven, which has developed and deployed the DiMO token on the Rinkeby testnet.  DiMO is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum protocol." - PRNewsWire

BlockchainDriven experts guide the success of blockchain projects from conception, advisement, testing, and full development.

We recommend starting with the One Day BlockchainDriven Innovation Workshop that was created specifically for management and executive teams. This will propel your company to the next level on how blockchain technology is utilized, what it is, in-depth industry case studies and an ocean of other intricacies that are invisible until you have immersed yourself with blockchain experts.



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