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CCN shows BlockchainDriven Success in Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Updated: Jul 16, 2018

June 19th 2018

CCN covered an article on the success of logistics blockchain projects and BlockchainDriven is at the forefront of success within the industry. With a simple use case and huge economic benefits, the logistics and supply chain industries have adopted blockchain with great results.

BlockchainDriven experts consult and build out projects for a multitude of industries, though the CCN article highlights the speed at which implementation has occurred in logistics. Blockchain just makes sense in this space for large enterprises and smaller businesses alike.

The consultancy has already had successful projects in the car parts manufacturing industry with Sterling Consolidated and recently met with executives at Saint Gobain, a materials distributor, manufacturer, supplier, designer in 67 countries, to examine this.

Of course the process is very involved, from concept to architecture to development and testing, but already the blockchain has proven to show tangible results both internally and on the consumer side within the industry. Visit BlockchainDriven for more on such expertise.



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