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The 3 Steps Needed For Blockchain To Ascend [Tech Innovation On The Rise]

The Consensus Conference 2017, which took place recently here in New York City, is one of the largest blockchain conferences in the world. With more than 2,000 attendees from big financial firms, regulatory institutions, and fintech startups from all over the globe, the event highlighted the importance that blockchain will have in the years to come.

The event highlighted the pros and cons of the new blockchain technology likening it to the "new internet". While this is an incredible statement to make, it has corporations tense just like in the early dot com days. But just like the 1990's internet, early players like Google and Amazon are now unstoppable internet giants.

Currently there is, ironically, no corporate trust in blockchain which is a technology built on security and transparency. If early adopters want to take advantage of the opportunities blockchain offers, they need to understand and trust the technology. Mid sized companies in particular, who have the resources and efficiency to adopt the blockchain tech, can become major innovators in this global space and dominate their industry.

The potential of blockchain is limitless and as of yet untapped. Read the full article on



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